Removing Brad Nails


I believe the first time I removed brad nails, after having pried the wood pieces apart, that I used a pair of channellocks.  Then one day I though to myself, I wonder if a claw hammer would work ?  I discovered that if I used a claw hammer with a sharply defined vee, as shown in the Sketch below, that the hammer would do a good job removing brad nails.

The Sketch below shows a hammer with a claw vee which is not sharply defined, and this claw is no good for removing brad nails nor small finishing nails.

Pictured below is a hammer I have with a sharply defined vee, that works well for removing brad nails.

Why do I even bother removing brad nails from wood, you ask ?  It’s a Scottish tightwad problem that I inherited from my Mom’s side of the family tree, but I am proud of my Scottish heritage. Therefore, I am prone to reusing the previously mentioned wood, whenever possible.

In any event because of my inherited tightwad problem coupled with my hoarder of hand tool issues, I roam thru Flea Markets’ looking for hammer claws with sharply defined vee’s.

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